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Scientometrics are measures that can be used to quantify the features, characteristics and sometimes the impacts of scientific research. Historically a type of scientometric known as biblilometrics has been used to measure innovation networks--serving as a proxy for linkages among firms and their external sources of knowledge. When this knowledge underlies the firm's competitive advantage, innovation networks can be powerful predictors of innovation performance. Taking a look at the personal networks of CEO/Owner/Directors of firms might serve as an alternate to bibliometrics; where, the Ego serves as a proxy for the firm and its connections as external sources of knowledge. This approach is in line with firm resource theory and adds to the discussion about how informal networks underlie formal networks. Using ego centered network analysis sourced from the social networking site LinkedIn, the study examines the composition of European CEO networks in the pharmaceutical industry. The potential of the analysis as a new data source for innovation network studies is discussed and recommendations for its use are provided.