CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Research fellow position

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Research fellow position
RECENS ( is a research center led by Károly Takács, promoting high quality research in social network analysis and analytical sociology. RECENS is part of the Centre for Social Sciences at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Our offices are located in Budapest, Hungary in the beautiful Buda castle.
We are seeking a postdoctoral researcher who will take a leading role in the design, programming, and conducting of experiments about cooperation, social influence, and informal communication in simple networks with positive and negative relations. We plan to conduct experiments in the lab as well as in the field and online. Therefore, familiarity with the software z-Tree is a requirement, and experience with o-Tree or any other online experimental platform is an advantage.
Candidates should have received a Ph.D. already or should be able to demonstrate that their Ph.D. will be defended in 2016. We seek candidates who are enthusiastic about the use of experimental methodology to test fundamental hypotheses about social behavior and are interested in the listed topics substantially.
The selected candidate will have no teaching obligations and can devote all of his or her time on research activities. Applicants should send a CV and a sample paper no later than 16 March, 2016 to and
Candidates will be asked to be available for a skype interview in the second half of March. For practical information, please contact István Freigang, research coordinator of RECENS at You can address questions related to the research program to Károly Takács at
Financial compensation exceeds the conventional postdoctoral salaries in Hungary and should be interpreted with the relatively low price level in the country.
The position is available for a period of two years commencing 1 April, 2016. Later starting dates are negotiable.
Closing date: 16 March, 2016
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