Júlia Koltai

Júlia Koltai
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Selected Publications


Five selected publications of the last five years
2022 Reconstructing social mixing patterns via weighted contact matrices from online and representative surveys. Scientific Reports 12(4690). (co-authors: Orsolya Vásárhelyi, Gergely Röst, and Márton Karsai)
2021 The presence of occupational structure in online texts based on word embedding NLP models. EPJ Data Science 10(55). (co-authors: Zoltán Kmetty and Tamás Rudas)
2021 Attitudes towards Participation in a Passive Data Collection Experiment. Sensors 21(18): 6085. (co-authors: Bence Ságvári and Attila Gulyás)
2020 The Impact of COVID-19 on the Gender Division of Childcare Work in Hungary. European Societies 23(sup1) pp. S95-S110. (DOI: 10.1080/14616696.2020.1817522) (co-authors: Fodor, Éva; Gregor, Anikó; Kovács, Eszter)
2019 Collapse of an online social network: Burning social capital to create it? In: Social Networks 57: 43-53. (co-authors László Lőrincz, Anna Fruzsina Győr and Károly Takács)
Five further selected publications
2021 The increasing importance of friends: Changes in core discussion network composition in post-communist Hungary between 1997 – 2015. Social Networks 66. pp. 139-145. (coauthors: Fruzsina Albert and Beáta Dávid)
2021 “Splendid Isolation”: The reproduction of music industry inequalities in Spotify’s recommendation system. New Media & Society. Online first. (co-authors: Tamás Tófalvy)
2019 Attitude Changes towards Immigrants in the Turbulent Years of the 'Migrant Crisis' and Anti-Immigrant Campaign in Hungary. In: Intersections: East-European Journal of Society and Politics 5(1): 48-70. (co-author: Ildikó Barna)
2018 Core Ties Homophily and Sociocultural Divides in Hungary from 1987 to 2015 In: International Journal of Sociology. 47(3): 228-249. (co-authors Zoltán Kmetty and Róbert Tardos)
2016 Az egészségértés gyakorlati mérése Magyarországon és nemzetközi összehasonlításban (The practical measurement of health literacy in Hungary and in international comparison) In: Orvosi Hetilap 157(50): 2002-2006.
Research Projects
2019-2022 Principal investigator
Grant of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office in Hungary. Title of the research: „Social history analysis of the press between 1945 and 1989 with the methods of natural language processing (NLP)”
2022-2025 Co-Applicant
Grant of the Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF). Title of the research: „Humanized Algorithms: Identifying and Mitigating Algorithmic Biases in Social Networks”. Principal investigator: Fariba Karimi (Complexity Science Hub, Vienna). Other co-applicant: Markus Strohmaier (RWTH Aachen)
2018-2021 Researcher
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Center for Social Sciences, Institute for Sociology: ’Uncovering patterns of social inequalities and imbalances in large-scale networks’ – National Scientific Research Program funded research (K129124) (research leader: Bence Ságvári)
2017-2018 Principal Investigator
Grant of the New National Excellence Programme. Title of the research: Big Data in Social Sciences: Possibilities and Methodological Challenges of New Type of Data. Faculty of Social Sciences, Eötvös Loránd University.
2017-2019 researcher
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Center for Social Sciences: Incubator Programme on the Algorithmed Public Spheres (research leader: Bence Ságvári)
2016-2020 researcher
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Center for Social Sciences, Institute of Sociology: ’Explaining welfare attitudes: general moral principles, issue framing and survey design’ – National Scientific Research Program funded research (K120070) (research leader: Béla Janky)
2015-2019 researcher – on the development of analytical methods of triadic networks RECENS Research Group: Gossip, reputation and cooperation: The informal buildingblocks of social order – National Scientific Research Program funded research (K112929) (research leader: Károly Takács)
2014-2017 researcher
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Center for Social Sciences, Institute of Sociology – Central European University: The lifecycle of an online social network: big data analysis – National Scientific Research Program funded research (K112713) (research leader: Bence Ságvári)
2014-2017 researcher
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Center for Social Sciences, Institute of Sociology: Integration and desintegration processes in the modern Hungarian society – National Scientific Research Program funded research (K108836) (research leader: Imre Kovács)
2015 analyst researcher of the research on the exploration of client-paths and parental competences connected to early-childhood intervention National Institute of Family and Social Policy – Nowart: TÁMOP 5.2.6-13/1-2014-0001
2012-2013 research leader, expert on methodology of nine nationwide research on people in disadvantageous situation NCSSZI, TÁMOP 5.4.1-12, research pillar – researches on the accessibility of social services in the different groups of the society
2010-2011 expert on methodology of two nationwide research about roma people 
NCSSZI, TÁMOP 5.4.1, V. research pillar – research on the exclusion and living condition of roma people
2010-2011 leader of the research and analyst
NCSSZI, TÁMOP 5.4.1, III. research pillar – Nationwide research on Family Services
2010 researcher
TÁMOP 2.5.2 és TÁMOP 5.5.5 – „ Employment Relations on Workplaces 2010” research
2007 analyst and author of papers
National Civil Fund – research on surveying the civil organizations