Two PhD Positions at MTA TK (Lendület) Research Center for Educational and Network Studies (RECENS)

The Doctoral School of Sociology, Corvinus University of Budapest calls for applications for full-time PhD positions for a period of three years commencing 1, September, 2013.

The deadline of applications is June 10, 2013.

The MTA TK "Lendület" Research Center for Educational and Network Studies (RECENS) is able to host and its director, Károly Takács is able to supervise two PhD students,who select one of the proposed research topics and become members of the research project “Competition and Negative Networks: The Origin, Dynamics, and Harmful Consequences of Negative Relations”. Preferences will be given for the first two topics that also appear at the website of the Doctoral School.


Next Seminar (May 14)

May 14, 2013, 15:30

Balázs Lengyel (International Business School)

The Controversial Role of Distance in Online Social Networks

OTDK results

Tamás Ribárszki and Kinga Varga finished second at the XXXI. OTDK competition at Kaposvár with their work about dinamics of positive and negative ties. Congratulations! 

Visiting Scholars

Two scholars are going to be our guests in the coming weeks. Marcel van Assen from the Tilburg University will hold a lecture on the 30th April and Flaminio Squazzoni, ESSA President, University of Brescia will do so on the 7th of May. For more information check the seminars page!

RECENS at Mannheim

Some of our members (Bálint Néray, Judit Pál) took part in the "Applied Network Analysis" Workshop at the University of Mannheim. The full program and the abstracts can be read here.

Visiting researcher- Elias Carroni

Elias Carroni from the University of Namur is going to visit our center in the end of this February. During his stay he is going to hold a lecture: Eliciting Local Network Externalities through Price Discrimination on March 12, 2013 as a part of our seminar series. His webpage: click here.

Visiting researcher- Jan Kratzer

Jan Kratzer from TU Berlin visiting Budapest as a guest of the MTA TK "Lendület" Research Center for Educational and Network Studies and will stay here until this September. During this time he is going to hold a lecture: The Social Network Positions of Lead Users and Opinion Leaders on March 19, 2013. More information are at his webpage.