Momentum (Lendület) and ERC grantees protest against interference in expert decision in scientific funding

Momentum (Lendület) and Hungarian ERC grantees protest against the decision of NKFIH that altered the ranking of proposals set up by scientific expert bodies for OTKA (Hungarian Scientific Research Fund) fundamental research proposals. This interference has been carried out by NKFIH officials without consulting the expert bodies. The full text of the open statement can be found on the website of Lendület grantees:

We are proud of our fellow researcher

All members of CSS-RECENS congratulate our fellow researcher Júlia Koltai, for having received the prestigious MTA Premium Postdoctoral Research Fellowship. Her dedication, hard work and previous achievements have brought her to international recognition recently. One of her newest publications is featured on the main site of the Social Networks journal (IF: 2.949) as the second most downloaded article. Thanks to the MTA Premium Postdoctoral Fellowship she can continue her work in CSS-RECENS in Hungary with proper recognition and support. 

Members of CSS-RECENS condemn politically motivated accusations under any circumstances. We are very proud of her excellent track record and academic achievements that make the reception of the Fellowship fully deserved, and Júlia Koltai an invaluable member of our team.