RECENS condemns political censorship of academic publications

Due to political reasons, the latest special issue of the conservative social science journal Századvég on rent-seeking has been removed from the internet. Our research group is shocked by and deeply condemns the re-introduction of political censorship of academic publications. This should not happen in Hungary again. We express our solidarity with the editors and authors and are willing to distribute the special issue to anyone who is interested.

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences in defense of fundamental research

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences in defense of fundamental research

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences in defense of fundamental research

The news website on the main page of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences provides an overview about fundamental research and innovation in the network of its research institutes:

and brings the EVILTONGUE research supported by the European Research Council as an outstanding example.

RECENS is for the integrity of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and condemns political interventions

RECENS is a research group that operates solely on funding that is acquired in highly competitive calls. Our funding has been awarded based on quality and innovativeness of the proposals and scientific excellence of the researchers involved. Scientific excellence of our researchers has been judged by our previous research output, mainly by our international scientific publications. We do not receive any part of the head quota that is distributed to the host Research Institute. As such, we are an independent research unit that pursues fundamental research. We carry out our work without any political aim, not driven by any political interest. In this position, we can clearly express that we do not tolerate and we condemn any political attempt that tries to intervene in research activities or tries to determine research directions and results.

Call for Interns, 2018 Fall

The „Lendület” Research Center for Educational and Network Studies (RECENS) at the HAS (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) offers an internship opportunity.

Duration of the internship program: October 2018 - December 2018

Working hours 6-8 hours/week

Candidates are welcome to send their application no later than September 21th by e-mail to: Please mention „RECENS internship” in the subject of your email.


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